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Instructional Programs

Elementary, TK-5

Students are placed in grade level appropriate classrooms. Students receive targeted language support through Designated and Integrated ELD instruction to better access grade level content curriculum.  


Integrated ELD Designated ELD
Teachers providing language clarification and language acquisition support during regular content area lessons. The goal for Integrated ELD is for English Learners (ELs) to learn the content and academic language used in each lesson. Protected time during the regular school day when teachers provide lessons for English Learners to develop English language proficiency. The overall goal of ELD instruction is for students to learn English at the level of a native speaker.


Secondary, 6-12

A-G Requirements

Students are placed in grade level appropriate courses with an emphasis in A-G attainment.  Specialized course options are available based on the following considerations:

  1. Years enrolled in US
  2. Prior formal education experience
  3. Language proficiency
  4. Academic and language progress
  5. Transcript review
  6. Teacher recommendation
  7. Parent input
Specialized Courses


  • Newcomer placements are recommended for students who are recent immigrants and have little or no English proficiency.  This placement will also support students who may have had limited formal education in their native countries. Students enrolled in Newcomer placements are often enrolled in US school less than 3 years with literacy proficiency below 3rd grade.  The objective of Newcomer courses is to develop students’ English language proficiency,  to support acculturation to US schools, and to develop foundational literacy skills to access rigorous grade level content curriculum.  Typically, students are placed in Newcomer courses between 1-2 years.

Designated ELD

  • This may be a recommended transitional placement option for English Learners who exit out of Newcomer placement, but would benefit from homogenous grouping.  Students in EL Designated placement will receive intensive support both in language scaffold and literacy support to access rigorous grade level curriculum. These courses satisfy A-G requirements.

Long Term English Learners (LTEL)

  • This placement is a recommended option for students who have been identified as an English Learner for 6 years or more but have not met the reclassification criteria  to be Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP). These courses focus urgently on accelerating LTEL progress towards attaining English proficiency and closing academic gaps.
Two-Way Dual Language Program
A language acquisition program that provides language learning and academic instruction for native speakers of English and native speakers of a Target language, with the goals of high academic achievement, first and second language proficiency, and cross-cultural understanding.